The 24th biennial Evergreen International Phage Meeting is soon starting soon

The evergreen team is so excited to have almost 400 phage enthusiasts, scientists, educators, and practitioners attending our first-ever HYBRID Evergreen International Phage Meeting, even though only about 75 can be here in person. Audiences are joining from all over the world to experience the hybrid fashion of this meeting.
During the previous 23 editions of the meeting, Evergreen increasingly showcased the work of phage scientists from around the world and fostered an environment where students, early-career scientists, researchers, and professionals in the phage field have established collaborations and formed friendships. This year, the Phagebiotics Research Foundation and Phage Directory teamed up to bring you an event that is packed full of phage knowledge, while striving to extend the phage community connections.
As we are not all able to be together in the same conference room this year, the designed program will showcase more researchers and their work through talks. This will promote collaborations and networking possibilities for all the attendees. The team has been hard at work to implement the most important aspect of the meeting, building connections! they have created a new event series to support engagement: “Phage Phun” – a special session you will not want to miss for interaction and mingling. There will be a few surprise guests to have personal Q&A with the audience in attendance

Now, some housekeeping:
To those attending in person: please remember to go with your vaccination card or a photo of your card or other absolute proof of your vaccination status. They will be checking these at registration to make sure you carry something to prove that you are vaccinated.
many precautions will be taken to keep everyone safe during the meeting. The hotel and meeting will be providing face masks, hand sanitizer stations, and lots of social distancing options for you while you are staying on the hotel grounds, and there is lots of room to spread out in the meeting venues; the main hall would hold 500 people, and there is direct access to and from the outdoor space. They do ask that, while in common spaces with other hotel guests, such as the reception and the bar, hotel guidelines will be followed and wear the masks as often as possible.
As for virtual attendees, will be able to access the meeting through the website by entering your confirmation code in the box.
The talks will be recorded and made available for everyone to access during the event at your convenience. The virtual abstract book will be made available on the website and can be downloaded at your convenience.
Phage Directory has also made a new Slack channel for Evergreen. This provides a new platform for the community to connect. Sign up here and come join the fun!
Another way for you to connect is to create a profile in Phage Directory. Just fill out the information at https://phage.directory and join the Phage Phun! You can also follow our social media @EvergreenPhage on Twitter and Instagram

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